Brass The Songbook Out Now!
Apr 1, 2020

At long last, you can now purchase your very own copy of Brass The Songbook, containing fifteen songs from Benjamin's masterful show, Brass, scored for piano and voice.

Now you can fall in love with the songs from this brave and gutsy show, all over again. And again, and again, as many times as you like!

Not available anywhere else in the world: Brass The Songbook is available for download exclusively through this website.

The songbook features the following incredible songs:

1. Barnbow Lassies
2. Eliza’s Letter
3. On the Shelf
4. Keighley
5. Forming a Band
6. Billy Whistle
7. Shone with the Sun
8. Brass
9. When You’re a Pal
10. I Miss the Music
11. You’ll Always Have a Friend
12. Could’ve Been
13. I Make the Shells
14. Scared
15. Letters

With that many incredible musical moments all included, your favourite from the show is bound to be in there!

Head to the shop section of this website, and go to the Brass The Songbook page to purchase your copy today!